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The Road Map

Initial Code Import

The pre-relase version of DiXon-JSCP (JavaScript Client Pages), which currently resides in the source code repository, has full support of the following JSCP features:

Inline JavaScript code

Inline JavaScript code enables developers to inject arbitrary EcmaScript/JavaScript statements into the page using the <?js ... ?> processing instruction.


<span class="label">Name:</span>
<span class="value"><?js text(input.lastName + ',' + input.firstName) ?></span>

XML extensions to the XHTML schema

These extensions provide custom XML elements in the JSCleintPages namespace, usually prefixed with "js:", which facilitate common HTML templating tasks, such as
  • Output
  • Iteration
  • Conditions
  • etc.

Error Handling

The DiXon engine can intercept both server-side and client-side errors and format them in a user-friendly error page. A stack trace will be displayed for all server-side errors, as well as for client-side ones on platforms that support it.

Caveat: Unfortunately, the retrieval of stack traces is not covered by any Web standards that are currently in use. Currently, only Gecko browsers (e.g. FireFox) are supported.

Release Plan

  • Release 0.1
    • Full User Documentation
  • Release 0.2
    • PHP Bindings
  • Release 1.0 RC 1
    • Templating elements (similar to XSL templates without a "match" attribute)
    • XML extensibility (user-created "tag libraries")
  • Beyond 1.0
    • Simple Rails-like MVC support
    • AJAX integration

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